Friday, July 1, 2011

"There are no goodbyes, just see you laters!"

I leave for Italy TOMORROW.  While I am super excited, goodbyes totally suck.  I am so close with my family, friends, and boyfriend.  I've tried to soak up all my fun times this week with everyone I could possibly see.  I was able to spend time with my cousin Brooke, who is always full of encouraging words.  She always makes me smile and I'm so grateful I have her. It's pretty awesome we go to the same school.  I was also able to eat dinner with Brittany and Morgan, two of my close friends from Meredith.  I am going to miss them all so much...but I can't wait to see everyone when I get back.
     I should probably be concerned that I have not packed a single thing...luckily, my mom is coming up to Raleigh today to help with all the trip preparations.  Kelly and her mom are also on the way to Raleigh so we're all going to get our nails done and go to our last dinner in America.  There are so many things to pack..and RDU must not know what is about to hit them. I've never attempted to pack my life for three weeks...but I can tell you the fifty pound weight limit and I are not going to be friends.  It'll be a struggle, but somehow, it will all work. 
     I spent as much time with Eric and Packer as I possibly could.  Poor Eric, he's had to deal with tears a lot this week.  Everyone knows I'm a sucker!  It's hard leaving the people that mean the most to you.  Knowing you can't just pick up a phone and call them and text them whenever you want is not easy. Eric has been such a blessing to me for almost five months.  He's my shoulder to cry on, he always makes me laugh, and he gives the best hugs!  Being away from him will be difficult, but I know he'll be waiting to see me when I get off the plane in three weeks.
      Now, being away from my Mom and Dad will be a challenge.  I'm an only child so, we're all extremely close.  My parents have been so encouraging and supportive of this study abroad experience, and I'm so grateful they've given me this opportunity. My mom called me last night and was telling me how I should take in every moment because some people never get to experience or see what I'm about to have at my fingertips.  She is so right and I intend on enjoying every minute.  I have the best family for allowing me to take such a trip.
     Yesterday, I went to RDU to exchange my money for Euros.  As I walked into the airport, I felt the nervous feeling I felt before leaving home for college.  It was a happy, yet scared feeling.  My cousin Amanda said it best yesterday in a text..."Change is always good for a period of time."  She's always there to give me good advice.  How lucky am I to have such a supporting group of family and friends.  I have to mention my church family.  They have been nothing but supportive and encouraging since I told them of the trip.  Last Sunday, they said a special prayer that I would have safe travels and enjoy my time in Italy.  I know the power of prayer is so powerful and my church family no doubt is praying for me and my group as we travel.
     Now that I've had my little meltdown, I better get to packing.  My mom and I have lots of errands to run before I'm ready to go to RDU.  I'll update my blog over there!  I can't wait to see what this trip has in store for me!  I hope God does great things for me while I'm there!  It promises to be the trip of a lifetime!

‎"Sometimes you have to be apart from people you love, but that doesn't make you love them any less. Sometimes you love them more." -The Last Song ♥

<3 Brittany


  1. Have a great time in Italy! I wish I was going so I could eat my weight and then some in gelato! :) Saying "see you later" to the parentals is always the worst :(

  2. Thank you Kristine! I'm looking forward t he gelato! Saying "see you later" has been very difficult! Thanks for the comment!