Thursday, July 28, 2011

There's No Place Like Home

Hey everybody!

      I do believe Dorthy said it best when she said, "There's no place like home."  Unfortunately, I didn't have ruby red slippers to click three times...I had to travel approximately 23 hours to get back to my townhouse in Raleigh!  The flight home was crowded and too close for comfort.  I decided to take Benedryl (best thing to knock me out).  It worked like a charm and I slept the whole way home.  I woke up long enough to stretch and walk around the plane a few times.
    When we arrived back in Philadelphia, I couldn't believe how hot it was.  We arrived a few minutes early and had to go through customs and security again.  That took about an hour and then we decided it was time for an American snack.  We saw our favorite pretzel place and I ordered pretzel sticks with sugar and sweet icing. It was amazing!  We then had a short flight to RDU. When we landed in RDU, it was the greatest feeling in the world.  We stepped off the plane and Kelly, Kayla, and I expected our families to be right there.  When we couldn't find them, I called Eric and asked where they were.  Everyone was waiting where they dropped us off and once we got up the escalator, we saw the signs for us and Eric had a box of Krispy Kreme donuts waiting for me.  I ran over and squeezed my parents and Eric picked me up and spun me around (carefully balancing my bundles of joy--> the donuts, of course.)  I was so happy to see them.  There was no greater feeling.  We then went down to baggage claim and just like the true Murray fashion, my suitcase was the last one off the conveyor belt.  It was bulging and my parents and Eric got all my bags for me (they couldn't believe I had been carrying all three bags by myself.)
     We went to Outback to eat and it was so yummy!  I was so excited to see Packer Pierce.  He is not the little puppy I left.  He has grown so fast!  He is much heavier now and has gotten taller (and more mischievous, too.)  I went home to Wilson to see my grandma and Diva on Sunday and I was so excited to see everyone back home.  I've enjoyed this week at the townhouse.  I've slept in, eaten my American food, cooked, gone to the mall, the movies, gone out to dinner, well you get the picture.  I've had a week to do what I wanted to do and it's been LOVELY!  Unfortunately, summer is coming to a close quickly.  Summer school and Italy was my summer, but I can't least, not about the Italy part.  Junior year is going to keep me on the go...but I wouldn't have it any other way.  I'm so excited about having a lil sis and getting my ONYX ring.  It is starting to hit me I'm going to be a junior...that might take a little getting used to.  I feel like I just started college.  It's flying by.  These truly are the best days under the sun <3


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