Monday, July 4, 2011

"The biggest challenge is getting out of the Palazzo."

Hey everybody!

      It's 6:18 p.m. here.  We are all about to shower and go out to dinner and go to Happy Bar.  (We decided it was 4th of July in America and a drink was in order!  The last 24 hours have been so interesting and entertaining.  Last night, we decided we would go out to dinner and "stroll" the streets like the locals do every evening.  We tried to get out of the Palazzo for a good ten minutes last night.  Kelly, Kayla, Paige, and I could not figure out how to open the doors (they are more complicated over here.)  Paige said, "The biggest challenge is going to be getting out of the palazzo."  When we finally made it out, there was a festival going on in Sansepolcro.  People were out and about in the town and we looked around until we found somewhere to eat.
      We did not know how complicated and hilarious dinner would be.  People spend a great deal of time outside, so we decided since it felt so nice, we would eat outside too.  We stood at this table for a long time (we didn't know if we should just sit down) so finally we sat down.  The waiter came and pointed and instructed us we had to sit at the table in the back.  We did not know we were supposed to make reservations there.  We had no idea how difficult ordering would be.  I asked for a Coca Cola and to my delight they had this. Kelly and I decided to order a pizza and the waiter spoke no English.  We looked at the menu and decided we wanted cheese pizza which was Margarita Pizze.  Who knew?  That was so comical and I'm sure we provided some serious entertainment for the locals.
     After dinner, we strolled through the town.  We noticed some guys sitting on a bench and they started playing "Firework" by Katy Perry.  I busted out laughing and Paige said, "Maybe they know tomorrow is Fourth of July." We decided they probably just wanted some attention, so we laughed, and kept walking.  After our stroll, we were all very tired and went to sleep.
     Today has been busy but very good.  We went to a Catholic Elementary School this morning which was great.  Although we're in another country, we saw many similarities in the school.  I got extremely hot in the school and had to step outside towards the end.  We came back to the Palazzo and had a delicious lunch.  I ate some pasta, zucchini, potatoes, a few bites of chicken, and some ice cream.  It was very good!  We had class for about an hour and that was fun.  We talked about our visit to the school and we all shared our favorite childhood memories.  Then, we went to the Italian grocery store.  Kelly and I were happy Americans to find Pringles, Coca Cola, chocolate, and yogurt.  We purchased our little American items and checking out was comical.  Kelly and I set the alarm off in the store...and the cashier spoke no English.  We finally figured out that it was our baskets setting the alarm off. Again, another comical adventure to add to the list.
       Tomorrow, we're going to the looms in the morning.  We have class in the afternoon and a teacher coming to speak with us at 5 p.m.  We're going to Perugia, Assisi, and Florence this week.  We are going to be very busy but it's better to be busy.  Today made me miss home  because it's Fourth of July and I've always spent time at the beach with family and friends.  Although I won't be seeing fireworks, Italy is amazing with so much to see.  It is truly another world over here and I can't wait to share all my adventures and stories with everyone when I get home.


Brittany <3

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