Sunday, July 3, 2011

"We're outsiders now!"



     I finally made it to Sansepolcro, Italy.  Yesterday, Saturday, was a long day of airports and traveling.  Kelly and I arrived at RDU about 10:30 AM.  We met our group and went through security, grabbed lunch, and waited for our flight to Charlotte.  I have never been on such a fast flight before.  The first five minutes I spent laughing a great deal with Kelly because turbulance was so bad.  Everyone's faces were priceless.  It didn't take 30 minutes before we landed in Charlotte.  We then found our gate for our international flight to Rome, had Pinkberry Frozen Yogurt, and grabbed dinner to take on the plane with us.
         I'm not sure what I was envisioning, (don't get me wrong) the plane was huge.  There were two seats, four seats, then two more.  Luckily, I had an aisle seat and could still see very clearly out the window.  I ate my dinner and was asleep before the passengers on the plane were served dinner.  After about a two hour nap, I woke up and watched, Just Go With It.  I love that movie.  I watched the entire movie and tried to sleep.  I got about 3 hours of sleep total..trying to sleep on a plane=epic fail/miserable.  The seats were close together and the flight was completely full.  I especially loved when they started speaking Italian and I had no idea what was being said.  The plane ride was approximately 8 hours.  We then arrived in Rome.  We went to baggage claim, and of course, I was the last one to get my luggage.  Murray luck? Even in Italy? Making my parents proud.  Once we were navigating through the airport, Kelly looked at me and said, "I don't like being the outsider."  It is very obvious we are not from here; but that is okay with me.  People enjoyed watching our group struggle with all our luggage I think.  After providing the locals some entertainment as we trudged on with our bags, we had a 3 hour bus ride to Sansepolcro, where Meredith College has the Palazzo, where I'm staying.
       Kelly and I enjoyed the scenery as we drove along.  We took a few pictures, listened to our ipods, and fell asleep.  I was so thankful for a little rest.  Our professors woke us up when we got to Sansepolcro, and we got off the bus and headed for the Palazzo.  Luckily, the walk was not far and there's an elevator.  If not, I would have died with my suitcase.  I'm not even sure how it was under 50 pounds.  I'm staying in a bedroom with Kelly, Paige, and Kayla.  Our bedroom is gorgeous (I love the natural light.)  It feels AMAZING outside (it's probably in the low eighties right now.)  We have the windows open.  Our view is amazing.  People in Italy believe in being outside.  When we arrived, it was afternoon siesta time.  However, things quickly changed as people are out roaming the streets now.  We are unpacked, settled in, and now everyone is taking showers.  

     Saying goodbye to my Mom and Eric was so heartbreaking.  They were both so encouraging and I've talked to Mom since I've been here.  I called her to say I was safe and here.  Eric I've texted!  He sent me the sweetest message last night; I'm so lucky to have such an amazing boyfriend.  I love you all so much and thanks for all the prayers.

<3 Brittany

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