Tuesday, July 5, 2011

"Yeah, Nicole Kidman stayed here."

Hey everybody!

     Today was a super busy day.  We woke up early and met our groups downstairs.  We got on a bus and headed for Anghiari.  I posted pictures on my Facebook..but those could not even do it justice.  It was beautiful. The view was amazing and I was so happy to be walking in the warm sunshine surrounded by the beauty of Italy.
     We toured the Bussati looms today and that was extremely exciting.  It's a textile place and I had no idea the fun we were in for.  Mr. Bussati himself invited the Meredith group up to his house and office for a drink of wine and a snack. The view on his balcony was breathtaking. We drank wine with the whole group of Interior Design students and Child Development ladies. It was amazing. We had the best time.  He shared with us that the author of Under the Tuscan Sun was a frequent customer and friend.  He also told us that Nicole Kidman stayed at his house and we got to see the room where she stayed. We thought that was pretty awesome.  He was so sweet and we enjoyed our visit.  Kelly and I also climbed to the top of the huge hill and went to the cathedral.  It was beautiful. Kelly and I lit candles, which was an awesome experience. I wish everyone could have seen the view today. Truly amazing.
       I had some FRENCH FRIES at dinner tonight and I was so excited.  All the Child Development girls went to dinner together and it was hilarious. We were talking about all our school experiences and I've not laughed so hard since I've been here. I'm really starting to miss my American food.  I had Ravioli tonight at dinner (it had spinach in there.)  

     I was able to talk to Brooke (my cousin) tonight and that made me smile. I also skyped with Eric today which made me smile from ear to ear. The smallest things like skype and Facebook messaging mean so much when you're away from everyone you love. Tomorrow promises to be extremely busy...we're going to Perugia and Assissi.  I'll update then.

<3 Brittany


  1. Sounds like you're having a blast! When I was there I had a love-hate relationship with the food... I wanted to try it all but at the same time they made it a lot differently than the Olive Garden... haha.

  2. Kristine: You're so right. I definitely do not like the food. There's no doubt I'm losing weight with not eating their food well and walking up through all the mountains. I wish I liked it but pizza and pasta get old every single day. How long were you here?